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FivestarMan exists to inspire, instruct, and empower men to live the authentic and passionate life that God intended for man. FivestarMan is not a program or a ministry. It is a movement. A movement of like-minded men ready to do an about-face, turning from a life of mediocrity to a passion-filled life of authentic manhood.


What is authentic manhood?


Authentic manhood has been under attack for decades. Movies, television, and the press have marginalized and portrayed men as buffoons, mama’s boys, and worse. Sadly, many men have quietly bought into these characterizations, giving up their status as leaders, providers, and champions of worthy causes.


At FivestarMan, we believe men — real men — are ready to throw off mainstream society’s chains and embrace the ideals of God-given manhood. Authentic manhood.


We believe authentic manhood is fully expressed when a man lives a passion-filled life, fully devoted to his God, his family and his pursuit of real, life-changing purpose. The life of authentic manhood can be developed when a man embraces the five distinct purposes or passions that every strong man has within himself. We call these the five passions of authentic manhood.


What are the five passions of authentic manhood?


1. Adventurous


A FivestarMan is adventurous. Seeking new challenges with passion and determination, encouraging others to join in.


2. Entrepreneurial


A FivestarMan is entrepreneurial. Passionate in the discovery of new ideas that provide new sources of income, embracing and building on the entrepreneurial spirit.


3. Gallant


A FivestarMan is gallant. Courageous in battle, fighting passionately to defend the weak and less fortunate. He is gallant in his respect of women and heroic in his defense of children.


4. Faithful


A FivestarMan is faithful. Unwavering in the truths he holds dear, a FivestarMan understands that true freedom comes when he is submitted to Godly authority.


5. Philanthropic


A FivestarMan is philanthropic. Legendary in his desire to live beyond his own interests, ever ready to champion a worthy cause, and willing to respond with resources and action.

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