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Premarital & Marriage Enrichment Classes

Ready to Wed is a perfect way to help couples plan for all of marriage’s joys - and challenges. From in-laws and finances to intimacy and chores, Ready to Wed will help you and your spouse create a marriage you’ll love!

Ready to Wed is a study comprised of the ten classes listed below. Each class helps bring you closer to God’s plan of enrichment for your marriage. The classes are self-contained so you can join in at any time!

Christ-Centered Marriage

• how marriage matures us

• lifelong commitment

• Christ-centered marriage

Valuing Our Differences

• personalities

• honoring your spouse

• remembering what brought you together

Leaving and Cleaving

• parents and in-laws

• forming your identity as a couple

• taking responsibility


• knowing and being known

• creating a safe zone

• empathy, listening and expressing feelings


• where expectations come from & the need to discuss them

• being realistic

• changing yourself instead of your spouse


• attacking and avoiding

• using conflict to strengthen your relationship

• keeping your hearts open

Being a Team

• roles and chores

• decision-making

• spiritual unity


• money personalities

• budgets

• treasures in this life and the next


• patience

• gender differences

• temptation

How to Have a Great First Year

• putting your relationship first

• being part of a community

• finding a mentor

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